Demagic Cd Demagnetizer

Demagic Cd Demagnetizer

Demagic Cd Demagnetizer


Some years ago we discovered that a strong signal from a signal generator sent through the signal path of an amplifier had a positive effect on the sound. A year later, having experimented with complex signals, we found an algorithm of signals that gave a stunning improvement in soundstage, transparency, details, musicality and dynamics for audio systems.
The reason behind this is that the small magnets in the signal-path become, with time, orientated in one direction. This produces a detrimental effect on the signal. The DeMagic signal actually relocates the magnets, and thereby breaks the magnetic field and its negative effect on the sound.

In 1997 the University of Seoul, Korea, carried out scientific tests that definitely proved the theory behind the DeMagic signal. Today the DeMagic has been sold in more than 100,000 copies worldwide and has become a must for any serious audiophile and music lover.

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Densen DeMagic CD Demagnetizer

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